Gaia Gateway (beta)

This is a Gaia gateway. It lets you download files from Gaia, a high-performance decentralized storage system used by Blockstack.

Gaia is made up of one or more Gaia hubs. A user runs a Gaia hub to store their data, and uses a discovery protocol like BNS to look up and authenticate other users' Gaia hubs.

Reading Files

All files in Gaia are addressed by a user identifier, an application's hostname, and a filename.
To read a file, construct a URL path as /{{bnsName}}/{{applicationHost}}/{{filename}}

The code for this Gaia gateway can be found here. Anyone can run and host their own Gaia gateway.

Listing Files in a Gaia Hub

Gaia hubs do not allow anyone but their owner to list files. This gateway cannot list files even if it wanted to.

Listing Gaia Hubs

Each BNS name is bound to a signed list of application URLs and the Gaia hub the name owner uses to serve their application-specific data.
You can get this information with the URL path /{{bnsName}}

Listing BNS Names

You can use a Blockstack Core node to enumerate all BNS names. A public node is available here.